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About Us supports maritime organizations to become more resilient against cyber threats.

We believe that transparency enables understanding - a key prerequisite for any risk mitigation. has been created to provide this much-needed transparency regarding cyber security issues in the maritime world. We concentrate on business resilience, therefore leaving naval/defense issues aside.   


We further believe in the wealth of information available in the internet though scattered across a large number of platforms. The global information hub provides free central access to this treasure including regular updates.


Links provided connect to third party websites with all or at least some content publicly available without access restrictions. We stride to select a broad range of sources with a focus on reports of facts. The links are given to our best efforts but we are in no way responsible for the availability or the content provided by those references.

Feedback regarding additional input or corrections are welcome and will be considered, however no guarantee is given regarding the inclusion in this website. 

For a comprehensive compilation

of the contents provided by the links

we offer personal presentations and

talks. Please contact us for details. invites sponsors. Please support us and ask for our contribution formats by email to

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Martin Lochte-Holtgreven is managed by Martin Lochte-Holtgreven, a senior business consultant with a focus on IT security in the maritime industry. He holds an MBA (Insead) degree and a diploma in Mathematics. His previous professional career included positions as a system analyst and as a Managing Director in the IT industry.

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