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Maritime Cyber Security
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Maritime business today depends on information technology with ever-increasing system connectivity, requiring a high level of resilience against cyber threats. Mitigation of the risks requires comprehensive information for decision makers including transparency on real cases. is the leading directory for the maritime industry regarding reports on actual attacks, regulations and guidelines, insights, soon to be complemented by links to network partners.

Individual presentations are available on request.

The Information Hub

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Reported Attacks

Learn how actual cyber attacks already created damages in the maritime industry to understand the threat dimensions!

Regulations & Guidelines

Use legal requirements and best practice guidelines as an excellent framework for risk mitigation!

Insights & More

Learn more about cyber security in the maritime industry from insights, best practices, and more provided by top experts!

About Us

Understand our mission and policies and benefit from our internet and presentation options!

Network (coming up
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Find partners that provide services and solutions to raise your cyber resilience!

Our Mission contributes to increased cyber resilience awareness in the maritime industry by providing selected links to publicly available information in the internet.


Based on independent research best efforts are made on fact-finding though no guarantee can be given for any content related to the links.


Read more in the "About us" section.

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